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Magicfly Easy Press Soap Dispenser and Remote Control Outlet Light Switch

Below are two great products for in the home by Magicfly.

The Magicfly Easy Press Soap Dispenser is just that easy! All you do is twist the pieces together, after filling the bottle with your favorite soap liquid solution and your ready to go.

I love that it's perfect not only for soap, but using lotions of your own creation in this bottle. Plus, if you aren't very fond of the commercial brand soaps or lotions, than this is perfect for
pumping out your favorite product and not having it clog or get stuck through the pump.

Everything included, except for the soap/lotion.
You really can use this anyplace, which I tend to take it by my bed side to use. I think if your looking for a non-electronic way to get a good amount of soap or lotion in your hands, than this will be the best buy for the price. 

Pros for buying this product:
  • Easy Pump - Nothing gets clogged, easy to pump out lotion or soap and simple to clean. Anyone, even those with arthritis could use this.
  • Stainless Steel Pump - Very well made, strong and durable!
  • Bottle Size - 17 oz bottle, enough to load the container up. Unlike most, this bottle is going to stop you from needing to refill it often.
  • For Anyone - Doesn't matter who you are, this is a product a child to adult to a grandparent could use. 
I really do enjoy this product and it's so simple to use! 

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The Magicfly Wireless Remote Control Light Switch allows you to control the lamps, lights and pretty much anything connected to it. You can have full control from a distance of 100 feet. So lets say your leaving for the night or day and need to shut down all the lights. Well if you hook these up to the outlets with your lights, than you can easily turn everything off with a click of a button. It's really super simple and very useful!

I love that it's not hard to figure out, and is simple to install. You just plug them into the outlet, than place the lamp or whatever else your going to use. There isn't anything else you need to buy, everything comes included. 

The power consumption is very low and it's protected, so if you have any children, than your not going to need to worry that they will hurt or get an electric shock using this product. 

Therefore, for something so simple to use, it gets the most use in my home day in and day out!

Awesome product!

Video Demonstration and Review:

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