Monday, February 2

LapWorks 12" Heavy Duty Swivel With No-Slip Pad

Great product for TV's and other items. I use it to hold my Second TV that sits on the ground. It's like my gaming Television, so this works to help move it from side to side when I'm sitting on which ever side of the room.

I can easily turn it without picking up my television to to rearrange the position. It keeps moving heavy objects to a certain angle and position so much easier. 
The bottom side is smooth soft but has grips so it won't slip and keep the area your placing it on safe from scratches or any type of damage.

The LapWorks 12" is just one size they have, but perfect size for my 32inch television. I love that I can use it for not just TV's, but my large indoor plants or can be for outdoors too.

It's really a great product and really can be used for so many things.

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