Monday, February 2, 2015

KobeMall Pink Silicone Oven Gloves

The KobeMall Pink Gloves are so adorable in the color pink! I love pink and best of all I love to cook, so they come in handy. When you get a silicone pair of gloves like these, there is no fear of your hands burning or the material becoming to hot to handle. I notice with many canvas type or fabric gloves that after awhile the heat makes them unbearable to hold on to what your cooking because they get too hot.

The Pink Gloves seem to have a nice protected wall to prevent any type of over heating towards the hands after using for a long time. I love that they are also easier to clean, unlike fabric material. So if I have a sticky mess on my gloves, I don't have to fear it will stain because of the silicone it's easier to wash them up with soap and water in the sink and clean them off. Than I just let them dry like I do with the dishes, easy as that!  No extra laundry to do, every time I get them dirty.

Wonderful pair of gloves, and lovely color!

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