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Kazu Trading Corporation - Organic Superfoods and Teas Review

Here I have is a bunch of wonderful Organic, Natural, and Vegan foods and teas that are sold by the Kazu Trading Corporation. 

These are a delightful golden color, which they remind me of raisins. So I find it as a great way to change the raisins in my oatmeal to some delicious, and really hard to find at your market, Golden-berries. 

I love that they are sweet and 100% natural without added sugar or chemicals. So even if your trying to get some raw food in your diet, than these would qualify! You'll love the taste and that they have a bunch of healthy Vitamins and Minerals that our bodies need. 

They are really a delightful addition to any meal or dessert.

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A tasty way to get some antioxidants in your diet! This is a interesting fruit, never really heard much about these. They taste is a bit tart and yet taste great to add to a banana berry smoothie or in desserts. I find it to add a nice pleasant flavor when I mix up some fruit in a blender. I'm always trying to add additional Vitamin C in my diet and this is a great way!

They normally look like cherries, but this is the powder form which is a natural vitamin source you can add to your oatmeal or drinks and enjoy the power of extra nutrition for the body.

It's a great fruit and great Superfood! 

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Always a great way to get double or more of the benefits green tea would give you, by having Matcha.  I really do think the drink is nice and smooth and when added to recipes it just boosts your meals health benefits and adds a little flavor.

It reminds me of a stronger tea taste, but a hint of sweetness that you might not detect in regular tea.

I think it is a great addition to smoothies and even adding to a few other recipes of mine. A great tasting, healthy and No flowery tasting tea, just what you want when you want to drink Matcha.

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A beauty product for cellulite free legs! Well it can be used for that or anything, even a facial mask. You really can do so much with plain seaweed powder and help your body detox as well as get plenty of nutrition from every use. 

I love that it's versatile, and you can eat this product! You actually can have this seaweed added to your favorite meals and maybe some Miso soup. It's just an awesome product that you are able to use anyway you like and benefit with the nutrition you'll receive.

So I think of it like, healthy inside and out with this one tasty and healthy ingredient.

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The taste of Raw Cacao is very bitter without the chocolate and can be bit bland and gross, but when you add maybe to your favorite fruit smoothie and some coconut sugar, it just rocks! The flavor is strong and yet you could imagine the many antioxidants your getting and how relax you get. Chocolate is just a wonderful way to feel happy naturally and to relax your brain. 

However, all that sugar isn't that great since it will cause you to crash later. So if you take a natural ingredient like Kazu Raw Cacao Power and added to your favorite drinks with natural sugars like coconut sugar, stevia or anything you like, you'll cut down on the extreme sugar amount and instead focus on more healthy benefits cocoa gives you. 

I love how I can use it in my normal recipes because it's a nice find powder, so it works with anything.

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A raw treat to add into things you normally add chocolate too! However, I wouldn't add them without sugar, they can be a bit bitter and yucky! I love to use it to make healthier recipes or addition to other chocolate treats too boost some extra flavor.

It's a really nice product and wonderful healthy ingredient, as all chocolate is! I really think the size is perfect for adding into any dessert and treats. However, definitely add a sweetener for flavor, but if you can tolerate no sweetness than you make like it as is.

I would say adding it to a bananas smoothie is something yummy or making cherry cacao ice cream is awesome as well.

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Delicious way to get fiber and make some delicious pudding with. I remember a friend mentioning how she added these in her diet and it helps her stay fuller longer.

I think they are a great addition to anything, from crunchy topping or as a way to make a creamy thicker pudding without those boxed brands.

I think you really can do much with these seeds and so much recipes on how to use them. I love that they add fiber to my diet and fill me up. Plus, all the natural vitamins you get Chia Seeds and with Kazu your not having an ingredient with added stuff to it.

Great product and very versatile as well!

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I actually just read a book on how to prepare Quinoa and this is a great way to buy something 100% and not anything added to it. I love that its already been cleaned and the taste of bitterness isn't there, so less time to prepare it. Plus, I might have a better chance of liking it, since it's been cleaned and doesn't have that bitter taste still.

The way you use this, could be actually in anything. It's just like any other grain so it really is a great product to have in place of your normal oatmeal or flour in cookies. 

Such a wonderful product, and full of protein and fiber as well.

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This is said to have a maple sweet taste and used to sweeten up your favorite foods, naturally. I do believe it could resemble maple syrup in flavor, the real stuff. However, your getting a powder form so you can mix it in to many recipes easily like regular powder sugar. 

I tried it in oatmeal, which would normally be maple syrup cinnamon and apples, but with this it doesn't add much more liquid to the mix and keeps the oats bit thicker. That is something I do like, thicker oats with still smooth texture. It really is a nice change up and a healthy alternative sweetener, filled with nutritious vitamins our bodies can use.

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