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Just Add Watercolor Inspiration and Painting Techniques from Contemporary Artists Helen Birch

Helen Birch does a really great job explaining and sharing in each part of the book images of art work and how they are created. She breaks it down to a level that everyone could understand and explains the tools and subject that is used to create the painting you see on the page.  

Right away, I could tell you how much I love the use of colors and creative designs that are shared in this book. It really gives you plenty of inspirational images and ideas to help influence you to begin using watercolor. I really think watercolor is a bit easier than painting, maybe cause I find I can make less of a mistake or easily fix something, during or anytime while painting. However, with all work you have to understand and build your way up to being able to design and create wonderful things. It's not hard if you practice and keep on it, but sometimes it can be difficult to get any inspiration to create something. 

Therefore, when I seen the cover of this book, I already knew it would not only help me get back to using watercolors, but the benefit of learning some new things I've never knew about the art before. Like with many things we learn in life, there are techniques that could help make things easier for us to do. That is something that the author Helen Birch will also teach you in the book, Just Add Watercolor.

I think if your into the idea of learning and exploring Watercolor or to continue on a art that you already do, than this book may help or even improve your focus and skills. I really found it to be a beneficial book and one that gets me geared up and ready to experiment on new and wonderful designs and portraits.

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