Wednesday, February 4

Inateck HDD External Enclosure and Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Below I have two wonderful products by Inateck that I've reviewed. These gizmos are perfect for businesses and even for your personal use. 

The Inateck Hard Drive Disk Enclosure is very useful for reading old hard drives and even a great way to backup old documents and new ones.

I can see this to be useful for deleting or transferring old files from one hard drive to another. It really is a great way to delete your old hard drive files before selling an old computer, no one will be able to steal your information.I always had no idea how to completely save my old work and keep from anyone accessing it, safely. However, this is just a perfect device to help me keep things from being read and copied by others as well as keeping my old computer information and documents saved to be used on another computer or transferred to another device.

The product is really easy to use, it doesn't need to be installed, and pretty much small that you won't have to worry about something huge taking up a lot of space or finding a place to store it.

The reading is very fast, once placed in the USB Port. 

For a first time HDD Enclosure I've ever owned, this is pretty much a great product and does what I need it to do!

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The Inateck 2 in 1 Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner is such a useful device that works to scan barcodes  from a distance and no need for wires or even a computer, you can use it with a smart phone or tablet. It's very easy to pair and works exactly like it should!

I love that its got Bluetooth capability and keeps it easier to take it at a distance, plus with the use of a smart phone its even easier to travel with to take the scan of the bar-code.

It works with many computers,tablets and smart phones with Bluetooth ability. I think for someone starting an own business or just for any other reason this is a great product to own. 

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