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iLifeTech Household Product Reviews

Skip the UV's from gel polish drying lights, this is a better way to dry your nails! I love that it's easy to fit all four fingers under simply, not just one or two at a time. The entire center area is large enough to fit your hand, perfectly.

The light is right under the dome  and will catch every part of the nail, no need to rotate or try to figure out how to angle your fingers.

It's easy to turn on and shut off, and has a timer. You can easily take it on the go, no batteries wasted just a plug in AC adapter and your ready to dry anytime and anyplace.

I really think the size is wonderful and the color, but the style of the opening dome look is perfect out of all different LED Nail Dryers.

Great product by iLifeTech and works wonderfully!

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Who doesn't love fresh juice and this little gizmo is like an easy way to add flavor, from a real piece of fruit. It is inserted on to the citrus of choice, and can be used to spray flavor on to your meals.

I love it, and think it's very different! It really isn't something I could ever be possible, but it is. The thing that gets me is how it's able to take a piece of fruit and make it into a flavor boosting, and color saving( protection against fruit changing colors when cut open like apples) product.

I was always interested in learning about these and always feared they wouldn't work. However, I was wrong! The way it works is that there is  like a pointy side, not super sharp but strong enough to push it's way into the fruit. Than the little slits allow the fruit juice to be picked up by the spray bottle top once pressed a few times. Now you have yourself a flavor boosting Fruit Squeezer.

I find the results very nice and for adding it to things like sliced apples, avocados and many more, to keep them longer. Plus, it's always fun to use as a way to enhance flavor to an orange cake with cream or on like adding some lemon to fish, even use as a natural cleaner or beauty aid.

I really can't find nothing wrong with this product. 

For the quality, the results and multiple uses, this product is wonderful! Also, if you want ot make sure the fruit is very juicy inside. I would try heating it up by rolling it before inserting the Neublizer, or even for a few seconds in the microwave to get the juices flowing.

Wonderful product!

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Perfect 5 brush Toothpaste holder and Squeezer by iLifetech. It's no touch and no mess, just place the tooth brush under the dispenser and out comes the paste. You don't have to do any work to get the last drop of tooth paste with this machine and everything is lifted in the air, saving you space on the sink or counter near by.

I like it because the brushes are evenly separate from each other, the water can dry off them being placed in this holder and the tooth paste is easily squeezed out. I also think the entire thing looks great placed up in the bathroom verse using a cup or some other holder that sits on the counter. Sometimes, using those cups to hold the toothbrush may lead to mold if the water just drips and ends up under or inside the glass, which can be gross. However, this contraption keeps them raised and drying allowing any water not to be trapped in. 

I think for something that is No batteries and ECO friendly is even sweeter! No need to waste money to get your tooth paste out  because your easily inserting your tooth brush and it's automatically pressing the paste to allow the right amount on the brush.

All I can say is this is just the perfect set to own for a family of 3-5 and if your one who uses more than one tooth brush than this works perfect for you too!  I have only one other person in the house with me, but I tend to use two brushes myself so it's perfect for my two different brushes and my mom's as well. Plus, if anyone stays over they can insert theirs too. 

Just an awesome way to organize your brushes and keep the bathroom looking stylish!

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I love this bag because my bras are not going to end up broken ruined or destroyed with the other items in the wash. I now don't have to was any of my bras separate and they never will get ruined by the washer machine while being pushed and thrown around. If your interested in something keeping your bras like they were once you bought them than this is the product to buy!

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