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iLifeTech House Hold Product Reviews

 I have 3 terrific items from iLifeTech for any household, keeping it organized and clean.

These bags are wonderful smelling, I know that's strange to say, but they are! The smell of potpourri fills the air, very strong too! I think for a 30 pack of trash can bags that fit a 4 gallon garbage can, they are really nice.

I can use these in the car because I have a small 4 gallon trash can in there, and the scent will keep my car smelling clean no matter what garbage gets put in the can. Very light weight and loving the drawstring action!

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This is a really nice and sturdy rack that can hold up to 3 broom handles and two hooks on each end. It really is a nice idea for holding up your mops, brooms and so much more, which will keep the house very well organized and like me, you won't have to deal with a pile of brooms and mops in a closet or pile in the corner anymore.  

Suction Backs
The assembly is fairly easy, everything you need comes in the package. However, if you find that you want to ever move the rack from one place to another, than that is fine because the entire rack is held up by a suction cup 
that holds the two sides up and keeps a tight grip to the wall your placing it on. One thing about that, you don't have to worry about any glue, screws or damage from anything to the wall, anytime you take it off. Actually, this is a great choice even
if your renting a place because many hold a cash amount and deducted after you leave if any destruction or damage was left in the place. So it really is great for all homes even ones you are just renting.

I am happy to mention that this is one of those long lasting products, that you buy once and don't have to worry about fixing or throwing away anytime soon. It really is well made and a terrific way to keep one's house clean and organized without destroying a wall!

It's one of my favorite household organizing products!

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The Stainless Steel Odor Remover Stone with Case is a wonderful item to own. Not only does it remove the odors off your hands, but it never runs out! Your getting a smooth fish designed stone that comes with a case to hold it on. Almost, reminds me of a bar of soap, but it's
just stainless steel. 

For me, this is by far the best soap to use to wash away nasty odors like garlic and onions. However, it really isn't a bar of soap, but just a piece of stainless steel. The thing is that it has a benefit of getting rid of those nasty odors you get once you touch garlic or even fish. Plus, even if you try to avoid it,one touch already gets you stuck with the scent of garlic, onions or fish.
However, I find this to be the most used item in my house. The way it works is that the Stainless Steel Stone is actually a way to transfer the molecules you get from the garlic, onions or even fish and allow it to transfer to the steel leaving you without nasty smelling hands.Having hands that reek all day isn't something I enjoy! Therefore, having a stone like the one ilifetech can be really helpful and a good price, while some or a bit too expensive. 

Since, I'm always cooking with garlic and using onions, this just is something I find myself washing my hands with daily.  I think if your like me who enjoys making fresh meals with garlic and onions or even fish, than I really highly recommend the Stainless Steel odor Remover Stone. 

You will be glad to have purchased this, I know I am!

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