Thursday, February 5

iGearPro 16GB USB Flash Drive Digital Audio Voice Recorder

The iGearPro is a USB Flash Drive and also a mini portable Audio Voice Recorder. The iGearPro has 16GBs of storage and the product can actually be used to record for a long time(15hours), before recharging it. Of course like with every product once you get you should charge it up so you know it's fully ready to go. The awesome part of since it is a USB Flash Drive, you don't need any extra wires but the computers USB port or an USB adapter on the outlet to charge it back up.  

I like that I can not only take new voice recordings and save them on this product, but also move my files from my computer and store them on the iGearPro as well.
Also, It's the most easiest to use! There isn't too many buttons or wires you need to push, to set the iGearPro up. Instead, there is only the one to turn the voice recorder on or off. 

It's always cool to have two products in one and something so small like this, that you can easily travel with.  The playback is clear and easy to understand what you recorded. It pretty much sounds the same way as you took it during a meeting, a one on one chat or pretty much 

It's a really nice product and a wonderful designed product!

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