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HooToo HT-IP211HDP Megapixel HD 1280 x 720p H.264 Wireless/Wired Pan/Tilt IP Camera with IR-Cut Filter, Night Vision & WPS

The HooToo HT Megapixel Camera is a perfect security camera for indoor recording. I wouldn't tempt to place this outdoors because it's not protected or covered from weather damage. Plus, it's designed to sit where you decide to place it.
What stands out to me about this product, is that it's simple to set up. Many need you to read a huge instruction book to figure out what you need to get the device to work, but this is basically as easy as plug and play. 

Of course, this is wireless and can be used with a wire. However, you will definitely need to charge the product before using. Next, you'll have to set it up with your PC, before getting it connected with your iOS or Android Phone. Unfortunately, it doesn't

work with Mac and WP. 

All the wires and attachments needed to use the security camera goes in the back

You have everything you need in the box, so no extra parts will have to be bought to use this security system. Most of the extras are the charging cord, the mounting screws and the installation guide and CD to get you started.

Additional mount goes on the bottom and he screws are included to place it where you like!

For someone who is interested to watch their valuables, children, or anything when out on the go and not near the house or in the same room as the child, this is a perfect product to purchase. Plus, if you own a store, small businesses, or have a room you want guarded, than this big eyeball( HooToo Camera) will keep your room secure and automatically come on once it sensors movement.

Terrific device for security, all day and night!

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