Friday, February 27

Gotideal Carbon Monoxide Detector and Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Digital LED Display

The Gotideal Carbon Monoxide Detector and Carbon Monoxide Alarm is perfect for protecting your family from those toxic Carbon Monoxide, which is very dangerous! I use to have something similar when I was young, well mom my mom did. It was a rectangular like box shape, very large and took up a outlet in the house. However, this one likes like an ordinary fire alarm and doesn't take up much space at all. 

You can place it any where in the house and it doesn't require those expensive batteries (9V), it only requires 3 triple A (easier to find and replace).  The sound is a normal beep every 30 seconds when it needs new batteries and if there is carbon monoxide around the house, it would alarm you with a loud sound. Almost reminds me of my fire alarm, by shape and the way it alarms you. However, I rather have a protected house, and Carbon Monoxide can be undetected easily. 

So for something that is made to protect and keep my house safe, this is a wonderful product!

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