Saturday, February 21

Fliptronikis Leather Case for Samsung Note

The Fliptroniks Black Leather Wallet Case is a really nice case and 100% REAL leather! It has such a beautiful stitch design and a soft feel to it. The inside includes a pocket for cash, 4 slots for additional cards you may carry, and the hard case built inside for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

I find that the entire wallet is made very well, not a loos string or imperfection. The closure is very easy to open and shut, since it's a magnetic clasp. I find after the many covers I've bought, that having the magnetic clasp, makes it easier and less of a hassle than many other forms. The case inside is also the right fit for the Galaxy Note 4, holds it in place really well and the right openings for your camera and charging cord.

This is really a wonderful product, and for REAL leather it's one of my top most choices for a strong, long lasting case.

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