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FastMile No-Tie Shoelaces - Reflective and Elastic Shoe Laces (3 Pairs)

Who doesn't like to have a simpler way to keep your shoes tied and never need to tie them every time you need to remover or put them back on. That is why I am so glad to have a
product by Fast Mile known as the FastMile No-Tie Shoelaces. 

These shoe laces are like the perfect and easy way to keep kids from having to tie them during the day and for adults it just leaves you one less thing to do when leaving out to work or to do some chores. I find that I am not EMBARRASSED anymore with my shoe lace coming undone and having to fix them every time they do. I don't have to fear I'll fall or trip on the laces because with the FastMile No-Tie Laces, I'm just able to adjust them and pull them tight with the round button like piece that allows the laces to be tied and unable to fall out of place. 

It's really easy to use on many size shoe's. So you don't need any certain size, this works for all sizes and for boys and girls. The one thing you will love is that once you add a pair to your shoe, you don't need to fix or do anything else. Your pretty much done!

Just put the laces through the shoe, like you would with regular shoe laces. Than, take the button and put that through the two pieces in front. Next, add the bell and tie a knot, which the bell will be placed over. Now snip any extra lace that you don't need off and your done.

So really it's just four simple steps and your set up for every single day. I really have to say for this new idea, that it's the perfect thing for active, on the go, and pretty much anyone who wear's shoes, sneakers, and even boots of any type. These are just a perfect way to keep life easy and spend more time having fun and being active!

Awesome product!                            

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