Monday, February 9

Elite99 Sexy Black Low-Cut Long Sleeves Playsuit

Elite99 provides you women clothing that are celebrity influenced and will not only please you, but your wallet as well! I love the styles and designs Elite99 has to offer and here is one of the fabulous outfits that I adore from their shop.

The playsuit is very loose fit and comfortable to wear through out the day. You still feel as if your wearing a short skirt/dress because of the shorts that allow you to show off your legs. It is very sexy and yet flirty too. You can pretty much throw this on as a causal sexy look or go to a high end dinner date or party and still fit the part! I love the feel of the cloth and the V-neck really allows me to show off my neck line. I also feel with any outfit in black, you can dress it up with bright color shoes, hand bags or even jewelry in all different designs. I myself don't stick to the must match with the dress look. Instead, I think of myself as a bit risky and try to add some different bright colors to any one color outfit.

However, this is so versatile and anything could work!

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