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Diva d'or 3-In-1 Kit Derma Roller by Diva d'or - Titanium Micro Needle Roller - 180/600/1200 Needles

The Diva d'or 3-in-1 Kit is so much better for multiple uses! It's not your one size Derma Roller, instead it's 3 that can be used for the entire body. Really a better product than buying the one type that works best for certain parts of the body. Some people should watch the sizes when they are determine where they're going to use it on because it may do more harm and be too much for parts of the body that don't need the needles digging into your skin so deep.

The 3-in-1 Derma Roller Kit gives you that chance to go from a smaller needle for the face, head and areas that are a bit fragile or don't have a thick amount of skin to dig deep into with this device. I know many warn others to watch out for using the larger needle lengths because it's more for professionals to use, like a doctor. However, if your careful and use the right ones, which works for different parts of the body than you'll be fine. 

Now for the product, it can be used all over the body from your:

  • Head/Scalp - help grow hair back
  • Face - reduce wrinkles
  • Scars/ Stretch Marks - cause the body to repair faster and create fresh healthy skin( SCAR FREE)
  • Plus many More!

It just is like the natural way to rebuild your skin from old to new! Since, our bodies like to attack damaged skin, sometimes it's hard if its not getting enough nutrients or just slows down as we age and what I feel as if the body begins to forget what part needs to be treated.
However, this device really helps knock your body back inline. It cause the skin to feel that it's being attacked and needs to prevent and repair that area, which causes the body to build and create newer skin and heal the area faster. 
Almost take this device as the wake up call or alarm to get it up and working again!
To remove the attachment simply press the button button on the bottom side of the handle.
Now you can easily press on any of the other two attachments

I love that after the use, which it doesn't hurt if your using the right length in the right area. For me if I use the larger needles in a delicate area, than I can feel the pain and it doesn't matter if you get larger needles or smaller because that really isn't what makes the skin go in repair mode.So I rather not dig deep and cause my skin to be in pain, verse using the right size and feelign nothing and still getting Great Results!

So like I said it doesn't hurt if using the correct length, plus when it moves on your skin it glides by the rolling part of it.Afterwards, apply a highly powerful serum, lotion or moisturizer and your skin, hair, or wherever your using it on, will heal and be absorbing the nutrients from that product alot faster!

It's really an awesome tool and so easy to exchange one head for the next. Also, they don't easily fall off. So don't fear that once you try to roll it on your skin it'll fall off in the middle of it. 

This is perfect and a natural way to heal the skin faster!

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