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Daveliou Acrylic Paint and Paint Set Holder

The company known as Daveliou is a marvelous company bringing you a great deal on beautiful bright, vivid paints and supplies. Now, the two below are just a few of Daveliou's wonderful supplies.

The Acrylic Paint Set is a perfect complete box of 24 different colors. You have mainly all the colors you need in this box to paint anything you like. There really isn't anything you can not paint, when you have a set like this!

I love that this set is great for everyone and non-toxic. So even children can enjoy playing with the colors. The reasons I love the Acrylic Paint Set is because it's what I mainly paint with when
I'm inspired. The colors tend to go on smooth and the pigment is perfect for every portrait, design, or anything I'm painting. Plus what I love is that Acrylic is versatile and can be used on a variety of things. So when using Daveliou's Acrylic Paint Set, you'll be getting a variety of 24 vibrant colors, a non-toxic product, and the ability to let your imagination flow on paper, cardboard and so much more!

I must point out, the best part is that every color goes on smooth and turns out to be the color you see in the box, painted on the canvas. 
Truly a wonderful set!

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This is such a wonderful creation because I never would of thought about putting my paints in a case, which I wish I had. Most of my colors of paint or on the bottom of a drawer, where the large acrylic paints are thrown on top. It can be hard to reach for the colors and even know which colors I have to use. Plus, if I'm trying to take my things I need outdoors or out to use. I tend to not really enjoy digging them out every time. 

Therefore, I am so pleased with Daveliou's Paint Set Holder. Not only does it keep my Acrylic Paints or any other type from being misplaced, lost, or a struggle to take out every time when I need them, but it also keeps the colors organized and takes up less space being placed together.
The entire case holds up to 24 colors of 12ml paint tubes. It's a natural cream like canvas made strong, as you can feel by holding and and using the product. It definitely isn't something that will break or fall apart easily, more of a long lasting product for a small price to pay.

The colors stay in each little slow perfectly, nothing gets tossed around once you have it all rolled up. I so far have not had any issues or problems with this Artisit Roll Up Case. It really is something that anyone could use if they are into painting, love to travel with their supplies, or need a great way to store their paint after each use. Plus, it's perfect for anyone, not just adults or teachers, but children as well.

I think if your looking for a high quality canvas case, don't want to spend so much and would like it to last you a long long time, than the Daveliou Paint Set Holder is something I would highly recommend.

I really think it just makes life a whole lot easier when you can have everything organized and easy to grab.

Terrific product Daveliou!

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