Wednesday, February 25

Blupure Ecofriendly 13 Stage Countertop Water Filter

Oh yes, this is the best thing to have for any house! I am so serious about how wonderful the 
Blupure ecofriendly 13 stage coutertop filter is necessary for you house. Not only will you be saving cash refilling a water bottle or BPA free stainless steel bottle with water, but you also can use it make a nice cup of tea/coffee, fill a pets bowl with some fresh and pure water, and even 
use in food your cooking.

I think that since I'm use to having one of these and really needed to change mine, that I got from HSN awhile back. I think that from comparison, you will enjoy this so much more!

Here are some reason why I would think you would love this so much more:
  • Easy to set up
  • Costs a whole lot less to buy one and replacement filters
  • Doesn't take up too much counter space and sits on the side of the sink
  • Removes those horrible chemicals 
  • Saves you cash from buying water bottles or gallons of water from the store. Plus, less room needed to be devoted to store the water cause it's only coming from the skin not from a packaged bottle.
I love fresh water and if your looking for something clean and pure to drink than I recommend the Blupure Countertop Water Filter. I know I am so glad to have had a chance to try this brand, it just is so much fresher than tap and healthier.

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