Friday, February 13

Bluezoon Universal Tablet Leather Folio Case Cover

Sometimes you can't find the exact fit for your tablet. That is why I'm so glad to have found a slim fit case by Bluezoon. These case are a perfect Universal Tablet Leather Case Cover that covers every part of my 10 inch tablet, one of the hardest sizes to find plus in a brand that isn't well known.

Sides flip over to hold your tablet in place and not leave a scratch or mark!

I love that these type of tablets work for all tablets and the Bluezoon Universal is able to cover your tablet from 8.9-10.1 inch screens. I think what makes these awesome for your tablet is they keep all the push buttons on the sides open as well as turn into a stand for your large tablet to lean against and view. 

Folds to form a stand to support the tablet, while you work on it.

I really enjoy the simple design as well, not too much going on. However, I love the bold colors they produce for these tablets and the many colors you can choose from. 

It's really a great product, really great price for the size and does what it needs too and fits perfectly!

Here are the two I've received and where you can purchase them:

Red Rose

1. The Rose Red Tablet Case is a beautiful color, actually not very red more pink! It's a nice bold color and not too light. The case itself is nicely made, very soft and flexible. You can fold the back allowing it to become a stand and give you easier viewing and allows you work on it any place you take it.

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:


2. The Blue Tablet Case is very bright and bold! Reason I love this is because it is something that can't be missed, and like all the cases it has a easy way to fold it into a stand. I think for a 10" universal case this is perfect for any large tablet,  with a secure hold from the bands. 

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:

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