Tuesday, February 10

Baking Time Non-stick Fondant Roller Rolling Pin Tools with Spacer Rings

Baking Time Non-stick Rolling Pin is not only for baking, but clay making as well. Its easy to use that even small hands like your kids could use too.
I love how easy it is to use and roll. It's not difficult to get the right size shape or use of clay or even if your cooking because of the Guided Space Rings. They keep your dough in the right amount of space you want to have, making it easier for you than rolling out too thin or too thick of a piece.

The space rings can be adjusted as far to the ends or center as you like

It's like the professional tool made simple! Wonderful product and I am so glad to have bought this on amazon. I never used a rolling pin for awhile, except the one

my mom had, and that was huge! However, this is something I truly adore! Its so simple to use, clean and just allows me to be in the kitchen making delicious meals and flattening down clay.

I really recommend this for families and children who want to learn to cook or craft. Great product!

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