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BabyVue Video Monitor


The BabyVue Video Monitor is like the most easiest to use! It not only allows you to record your child as they sleep or play, but it keeps you informed of any danger by alerting you with the video monitor that you keep in your room as the video camera records in the child's room.

It is a simple and small product, but could be the best thing that I ever received. It will keep my mind at rest, to know that my child is safe when I'm not there. I really find this to be a superb baby shower gift, present, or for your new baby.The entire product is easy to set up, and doesn't require any extra wires or cords to use. You pretty much get everything and the view is clear enough to capture even through the night.

Terrific product, very well made and not so big that it will be hard to move around or store away. Afterwards, you can always hand it off to a friend who had a child or is going too, eve a family member. 

I know from my experience that anyone with a small child, new baby would really appreciate this camera.
Here is a quick look at what you get, with the BabyVue Video Monitor:

  • Color 2 inch LCD screen also shows you the temperature - good to have to see exactly what is happening, since black and white would be hard to make out objects and anything the child may come in contact with. Also the temperature 
  • shows you exactly how hot or cold it may be in the child's room or any room your placing the device.
  • Night Vision - gives you eyes through out the night. You won't have to fear that you'll not be able to see exactly what's going on when you have the BabyVue. This is one feature I really love!
  • Talk Back- No matter where your at, but of course being around 800 ft the limit you can easily talk back into the device and calm your child, without being in the room.
  • Long battery Life- No worries you will not need to charge the device for a full 20 hours, which is wonderful cause it would be a waste to have a nice device and need to charge it every 6-8 or 10 hours, sometimes we don't have the time to stop and charge and set it up over and over.
So really all I have are positives for this device, because honestly it really is just a great security gadget to own and a way to keep your loved one safe and protected.

Wonderful job BabyVue!

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