Thursday, February 12

Aukey 4400mAh Portable Power Bank Charger (2A Fast Input and Output) with Electronic Cigarette Lighter

The Aukey 4400mAh Portable Power Bank is perfect for charging on the go and even at home! If your a smoker, than this is something you may find useful. The small charger becomes a cigarette lighter, by the small button on top that opens the hole where you will notice the cigarette light.

It's something that is totally different than I could imagine for a charger. I can see many people using this, especially if you smoke!  However, I don't smoke so  the use of that may seem not as much needed, but I think it can be used for instant fire to start one for outdoor camping or anything like that.

However, The entire device is very small, portable and for most very useful other than just charging! You do get everything you need and works for many types of smart phones and devices.

Wonderful product, even if I can't use the no flame cigarette lighter as often.

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