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Ainiel Women's Lolita Curly Halloween Cosplay Costume Party Full Wig Long Gradient Purple

Many like I are finding a love for Anime, which can be found on Netflix or any online site. You could even consider Pokemon, Dragon Ballz, and many more too be Anime. 
Now to me it makes me think of a cartoon, but grownup style!  However, there are those ones I've mentioned that are for children and some that are meant for older kids and adults. 

In my opinion, I think anyone who loves to watch Anime or wish to look like their favorite character  should check these bright and fun designed wigs at Ainiel's shop. I have here, the on I reviewed, which can be found at the Ainiel Women's Lolita Curly Halloween Cosplay Costume Party Full Wig.

Now the wig I received from Ainiel's shop is well created to give you that Anime/Cosplay look and actually can be treated like real hair! I think it has in my opinion, a realistic look of your natural hair, but in a wild and bold color, which you can style with a heating tool.  I love that the wig is even better than what you'll get in any Halloween Costume Bag, it's more human like and not a mess once received. 
The inside has an adjustable back so you can get it to fit your head just right. It already is easy to stretch on as well.

Instead, it's nicely shipped, with the hair not in tangles or knots. However, if it does arrive a bit messy just a little shampoo and water will bring it back to life, think of it like a real wig or human hair in the palms of your hands. I even use my detangling brush and lightly get it looking like it first arrived after a few times wearing it.  Also, The cap can be adjusted to your head size. So no fear if it looks too small. 

I think that the one thing that stands out is that even though it's more of a Halloween or dress up type wig. I would dress-up everyday with it because I love the color, and it's so fun to

make other heads turn, walking down the street or in the stores with purple hair.
I love it! The color is terrific and so is the fit! 
Also, the color is as vibrant as you see on the computer, not really a big difference when you receive it in person. So don't fear that if you bought something from them it will turn out to be too light or too dark because mine exactly looks like the image and actually even better!

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