Monday, February 2

Adovia Pure Dead Sea Mud - 11 Pounds - DIY Skin Care


I love love love the Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask and this is just a wonderful 11 pounds, months supply of healthy gorgeous skin with every use! I never want to use any other mask product because Dead Sea made me a believer of healthy and soft skin was possible, once I started last year using it.

Adovia, is one brand I have in my house always! It is there products that make my skin feel so pleasant, look so vibrant and just make me feel incredibly confident. 
Now with this product, all I feel is soft smooth and healthy skin, every time!  
I just apply and leave it on for about 20 minutes or longer and allow it to soak in. Once I remove the mask I find my skin became hydrated, feels soft and smooth, and looks so 
healthy and vibrant.

I really love Adovia for their natural products and this one is a great buy!

All I want to say is thank you for such a beautiful supply of healthy Dead Sea products!

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Thank You

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