Tuesday, February 17

3 SWORDS GERMANY - hair scissor - 5"

If your looking for a well built, high quality pair of scissors for trimming or cutting hair, than 3 SWORDS GERMANY is the company you should try! 

From my experience the Hair Scissors they create are not those cheap ones you can get at the store, but the ones that even your hair dresser would be using. The scissors have a smooth surface, but the hoops on the handle aren't small. Instead, they are large enough to slip your fingers in and out. I know from my mom who has always loved to cut hair and would have, but her fingers begin to swell after trimming my hair or my grandmas.
Therefore, I think the way the company kept the scissors easy to use even if you have problems with swelling in your fingers and if you don't, it's still a nice feeling to not have a tight pair of scissors wrapped around your fingers.

Next the blade is sharp and makes precise cuts, without giving you difficulty to cut or trim a bunch of hairs at once.  I really think these are a great pair of Hair Scissors, it really makes trimming my hair or getting my mom too help a whole lot easier to do!

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