Sunday, February 8, 2015

2015 Latest KINGLAKE 24 pieces Makeup Brush Set Professional

The KINGLAKE 24 pieces Makeup Brush Set Professional is a terrific set of 24 different sizes and shaped makeup brushes and a soft carrying bag to keep them organized. You can travel with these, or keep them stored till your next time to use them.
Either way, these are finely made with the use of horse hair, that makes the bristles feel so soft gliding on the face.  

The brushes don't seem to come apart when applying makeup on to your face. The color is also something that I do like, with the grey and gold colors that you see on the handle, while the brush has a nice cream color bristle with the tips colored in grey.
For the entire set you get, the price under $30.00 is pretty good and the assorted brushes you get is a great deal!

Truly a wonderful set!

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