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Zeva Natural Nails Review

I happen to come upon a wonderful company names Zevia Natural Nails, and they are just brilliant! They only provide you with real and healthy products, I mean nothing made to give you the appearance of health and than end up causing your nails to get worse
as the weeks pass you by. 

Many products out there only support the appearance for the time you apply the product, but don't we deserve long lasting beautiful nails? Well I am sure you will love these products as much as I did.

This polish is the best multi-purpose product you could buy. It will not only help keep your nails healthy and shiny like a top coat, but it's main purpose is to give you that NATURAL French Manicure look. It is actually a product that brightens your finger nail up. Plus, it goes on really easily and smooth too. 

I wish every product would give up on including those Touluene, Formaldehyde, or Dibutyl Phthalate because they are just making our nails worse and for those who want to grow beautiful nails, those ingredients will actually cause your nails to be 
worse, even if they look pretty for just that day. 

I think for the price and the quality of this product, you'll be impressed how beautiful your real nail looks with this Zeva Nail Bright applied to it. You may wonder what it means when it says One-Step French Manicure. Well, it is a clear polish, but what makes it appear
to give you that French Manicure look is that it takes your natural nail color from the bed to the tip and make them appear brighter. Therefore, it will bringing out the natural pink and white tip. So without any color you'll have the appearance of a french nail naturally.

I find myself loving my natural nails more often than applying a colored polish to them, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to stop wearing nail polish, just won't need to fear going without any color because this makes my nails look beautiful
as a stand alone product.

Truly Magnificent!

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My first try with this product, I knew I fell in LOVE! The product is top of the line high quality, and doesn't cause damage to your nails, instead it will repair your nails for growing longer, stronger and peeling free nails.  I never owned such a wonderful product like this, it really does keep my nails healthy and growing strong and long. 
No more fear that I am never going to have long nails. 

One thing that I have found as I age, is that my nails get weaker. Unfortunately, when I even feel they are getting stronger, by diet or applying a product to strengthen and feed the nails, I still seem to end up with chipped, peeling nails.
However, when I began using this file, I notice that it kept my nails from peeling at the begin of some length. 

The way it works is by using it to finish a nail off, not to create the shape you want on your nail. So I would shape my nails with a regular emery board, than I use the 
Zeva Austrian Crystal Nail File to finish them, which will lock in the moisture and create a smooth edge all over the nail. It really is a wonderful tool and believe me, you'll have long nails, wihtout the need to buy fake ones!

If you want a real Crystal File that is going to help your nails grow better, than I would highly recommend this for anyone's nails!

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This is a great pen to have no matter who you are! I mean even if guys want to use this they can. It really takes care of those dry and ridged cuticles that end up looking horrid on your fingers and causing you to have those terrible hangnails, which everyone and myself included love to pull at. However, that just causes pain, and sometimes a bloody mess, Gross!

Instead, I find this pen does the best to keep them from ever getting dry and rough. It is shaped to direct the natural, and toxic chemical free oils to that certain part of the nail. No mess to fear, when using this pen. Some cuticle pens are great for giving you a healthy nail appearance but have you ever had one that includes 14 natural oils, well I know I haven't. This is like just magnificent and if you think about all these oils, which if bought separately would cost you so much to get them in the pure form, but instead your getting the natural oils all in one pen. It has everything to replenish natural moisture and nutrition to the 
nails and the skin. 

So for long term your not only going to be having healthy cuticles, but healthy long nails as well. This is terrific and after receiving this product, I've shared it with my entire family and everyone even the boys in my family loved it! We are sold, this is a wonderful product and now our fingers will never fear a hangnail or a rigid dry cuticle ever again, even during the winter.

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