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Video recording Pen and Extendable Self Portrait Pole

I have two great products by two different companies. EnPassion Self Portrait Pole is a perfect extension pole that allows you to video record or capture photos of yourself and many others from a distance. The other is the IBSOUND Premium Video Camera Pen, perfect for spying and taking notes.

Unlike many, this is more of a higher quality product verse the fun toy for kids or a cheaper brand. It's made of strong metal and you can tell, plus the quality of the pen writes perfectly too.
USB for charging and viewing documents on the computer can be found in the center .
SD Card is also inserted in the center.
The Microphone is on the top of the pen.
Also will show status of pen, when in use (lights will come on).
Lens is found above the pen's clip.
Close up view of the lens.
I actually love the perfect clear shots and capturing of video. It's a really nice tiny camera and pen combo!

Button to begin recording, photo taking , turning on and off the camera can be found on top.

You have everything you need to use the pen, even directions if you get lost. The pen itself, has 3 modes you can switch between. The pen is easy to use, just a twist on the bottom and a bonus that I love is that it comes with the SD card so no need to buy one!

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Is a wonderful extension stick to reach far and capture you or maybe an entire family or friend shot. It really does a great job and holds most phones or cameras, but you have to have Bluetooth 

I can set either a camera or my Smart Phone on this gadget and capture a shot with the mini shutter remote. It's  wonderful product to own for those looking to share a moment with you included.

You basically have everything you need to use the product, just add your phone or camera.  The handle is sturdy and strong, also comfortable to allow for a nice grip around it. I love how easy it is to mount my phone on and or camera, and I haven't found it to be too weak that it would break or bend once the camera is at the furthest length it can go out too.

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