Friday, January 16

URPOWER Phone/Tablet Stand and Car Mount Review

Two wonderful products by URPOWER. They both support the phone/tablet in some way and and are very useful!

This is perfect for all types of older and newer phones, but what I like about this mount is that it's easy to install and isn't a suction cup.

Top part of the neck is able to move all the way around. 

Top Part that holds the phone is able to be adjusted to fit all sizes of phones and holds very
tight, so nothing is going to fall out!
The product is held in place from the CD Slot in the car, and won't fall out even through a bumpy ride. The mount it'self is very nicely designed, but the part that grabs the phone is soft and doesn't cause it to scratch or ruin it by any way. I like that it's easy to see what is on my phone's GPS or even if I'm not driving and waiting for someone I can watch something from it as well. 
3 attachments to fit over the mount so it can fit your CD Player
The additional attachments allow you to fit your car's CD player

Underneath is a lever that locks the mount in place

The product contains many different size attachments for your car, it has an adjustable head to hold any size phone and keeps it in place (no falling out) . 

The level is perfect and is comfortable to look at, without it being distracting.

Awesome creation!

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Very easy to use, set up and it fits many tablets and phones. I can even use it to hold a small not pad. I really like this because it's got a nice color and design.

Could use to hold a tablet or phone, even a small note pad!

Press the sides to let the back stand part come down. 

It's not weak and won't fall down or over if I'm putting my tablet on top. It seems to be stable and sturdy. You can tell how heavy this product is that it's not a waste to buy! It really is heavy to hold, and so durable.

Great product for those looking to have a portable or indoor tablet, phone or ereader stand.

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:

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