Friday, January 2

Two New Camp Lanterns By TaoTronics

Here below I have two new products that will light up your camping adventures outdoors. No matter the weather these will provide you with the brightest amount of light to guide you.

No matter the outdoor activity like camping or fishing, I'm always one for doing something that requires fresh air! TaoTronics Ultra Bright LED Lantern is very easy to take along with me, not huge or heavy. 

power button
handle can be tucked away or pulled out
the light itself can collapse, which I never seen before or knew could be possible, but it is! This light can change from a tall standing light to a small round disc lamp, pretty neat! I think 
when I first tried that out, I just couldn't stop pulling it up and collapsing it back down. 

spring like inside allows for easy compressing to small flashlight lamp.

Once you push down the top and bottom, twist and you have a portable lamp

The colors orange and black are nice, as well as the bright LED light. I can actually see what is ahead of me, verse traditional lanterns that work for viewing just the distance around you. Now I'm just wishing they made this into a rechargeable lantern, but either way I still enjoy using this one and love the two different ways to use it!

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:

The TaoTronics Ultra Bright 2nd light is totally different than the first, which you can tell by the colors. However, I think they both are really still good for outdoor activity and provide you with the same amount of bright LED light you need to do what you do best outdoors!
Logo on top

Twist bottom off to insert batteries 

Handles long enough to grab on too , which can be put from the side or pulled all the way up.

The first one had an orange and black design, as this is pure black and only the center collapses. However, I do like the realistic lantern style with the handles. It actually reminds me of a traditional lantern with light bulbs. The light is the only reason I find myself in love with TaoTronic products because of the LED. 

Twist and pull up! Now you can illuminate your path.
Here is my reasons for a TaoTronics LED Lantern:
  • No way to cause fire damage because of no heat comes from the lantern, after being on for hours 
  • You can touch the lantern and not burn your hand
  • It's not going to get damaged through a storm, like a hurricane or just the normal down pour of rain.
  • It collapses and becomes portable and fits into your bag easily
I think this is a nice product, and even my mom enjoys the brightness of the light, while working outdoors when it's dark and we have no way of seeing things easily.

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:

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