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Tronsport SJ4000 Novatek 1.5Inch 12MP CMOS Sensor Waterproof Sports Camera 170° Wide Angle 1080P 30FPS H.264 HD DV/CAR

The Tronsport SJ4000 is a lovely sleek action camera. It does a wonderful job capturing your action stunts and destinations you traveled on your bike, skate board, skates, surf board and so much more!

Attachments for helmets and clipping on to yourself, many
different ways to wear it or use the Camera.
Nice strong case

8gb sd card comes along with the product, so you can start recording right away!
The important factor of a good Action Camera is that you can capture great videos, with all different types of moves. Why I would suggest that a Action Camera like theTronsport is needed, would be for high quality action moves that your typical camera or camcorder can not take. 

Powered on, a light will glow yellow on top and the screen will come on as well as a small blue light
on the side.
up/down for scrolling and zooming in or out.

The Tronsport actually has many pros for being a more affordable action and waterproof sports camera.
Settings and Setup Mode

Here are a few of my pros for the Tronsport Camera:
  • A HD 170 degree wide angle lens = Provides better quality to view your entire action shot. Also Allows you to view an entire room/area rather than directly at one image. So you can really capture your surroundings.
  • Everything is included = no extra purchases to get you started.
  • A variety of shooting modes = Which means more choices for a better shot for the sport or activity your doing.
  • Able to watch through HDMI HD - Get a peek at the action on the big screen with an HDMI HD Cable.
  • Saving larger recordings - you get a 8 gb sd card to use, but you can go and get a 32 gb sd card if you need too, which will allow you more time for recording and photo taking.
  • Design - a nice choice of colors and the feeling of the camera is so slip proof and smooth. You also have a nice size previewing screen on the back, 1.5". 

After a few trials with the camera, I found it to be easy to use. It's not a complicated one with too many buttons. Instead, this is very easy to understand for a beginners and even if your knowledgeable already, this is a nice camera to own as well. So, for me I'd have to say I'm a beginner, but after a few uses I'm sure I'll easily understand everything I need to know about an action camera. 

The video comes out very clearly, due to its HD and 12MP, your really going to enjoy this high quality imagery every time no matter the sport or activity. So even if your horrible at video recording or taking photos, atleast this will give you a better quality shot to share with others.

Manual if you ever get lost

I find that mounting it on my car or if your into placing one on your dog and viewing what the dogs point of view is, than you'll be very surprised how great it captures everything and doesn't show up blurry or unsteady by the movement. For the square box look, I do think its one thing I find different verse a typical camera, but it is a nice simple style and easier to handle and keep steady.

This really is a nice camera!

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