Tuesday, January 20

Translucent By Giselle Ice Cream Love 8 Stack Eyeshadow

These Ice Cream colors by Giselle are a perfect bold and deep color set. I love how strong the colors are and how bold they go on. 

What you see is what you really get, and you can dial it down by the amount you apply. However, if your like me than deeper, bolder is the way to go!  Not only will you stand out, but the color will drawl attention to your eyes, big time! However, if your for lighter or deeper color, than just don't add on as much. It's very fun to use on the eye lid only or even below the eyebrow. No matter how you wear it, I find it to be very stunning and love each of the colors!

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:

I really have to thank Giselle Cosmetics for their beautiful collections of eye shadows, they really know how to make a woman feel gorgeous and fabulous!

Thank You

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