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TaoTronics Bluetooth Hands Free Car Receiver and Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset Earphone Review

A headset that is easy to put on your head and won't slide down your face after taking a job or doing some house work. This one actually stays nicely around your head and fits comfortably in your ears. No extra wire coming from the headset to your music player because it is a Bluetooth Head Set. Allows for many devices that accept Bluetooth, to connect and play music or take calls through it as well.

Many are sold to just accept music and don't include the microphone for hands-free calling. Therefore, I would suggest to get the one that does it all before buying one that only allows music through.

The TaoTronics Bluetooth Stereo Headset Allows For:

  • 6 hours play time before needing to be charged
  • Works with many of your Android and Apple devices
  • Easy to set up and pair with your device
  • Light weight on the head and fits comfortably around the head and in the ears.
  • Built mic for phone calls.
  • A traveling pouch to keep everything secure or even for storing in the house, when not in use.

I think it's a pretty nice head set and the black color works for anyone. You will also be pleasantly surprised by the comfort and light weight feeling of these as well.

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The Bluetooth Receiver is perfect for making your car acceptable to receive music from your phone, MP3 player and many more devices. It really makes it so much easier to play your music without needing to insert a wire into your phone or other Bluetooth compatible device.

I really like that even if I'm in the car and the music is playing, I can take a call and respond back through the microphone in the receiver. It really is a helpful gadget to own and works with many of my devices.
Under the plastic sticker cover, The button for music and phone.

It really works like a receiver should and easy to install in any car's outlet. Plus the charger can actually charge the USB Device you own, like a smart phone.

Underneath, you have a adhesive back to place on your car. it also is magnetic for greater hold!

I like this product, and it actually makes my car feel like it just got an upgrade, without buying a new one.

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