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TaoTronics 1050 DPI 1.44'TFT Color Display Colour & Mono Handheld Scanner

I love this scanner, it reminds me of one I seen years ago on HSN the VUPoint Scanner, but better! Thankfully I held out for a better designed Handheld Scanner because the one I seen in the past kept coming out with different versions and never had as high of a rating or quality as the TaoTronics version I have now.  I can tell you from experience, since my mom was one of those people who purchased a purple handheld scanner off HSN the VuPoint and it still sits in the drawl. It was hard to ever copy anything, I had difficulty keeping it straight and much to do with no monitor to see what was going on or what I'm actually capturing.

Everything included along with the Scanner. 

However, The TaoTronics Handheld version is the best product for it's price and quality of imagery. I can easily scan crocheted projects, magazines, small books, old photos and not have to worry about shape or size.

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What I love that really makes this product the best is that I don't have to just scan paper, I don't need batteries because it recharges, and I can see everything in a colorful monitor. 
Really a wonderful product and no computer needed, I can save all files to an SD card and transfer it to a computer when I want.

Under side of the scanner

Glides easily over the item your scanning.
This is really a wonderful way to hold on to old documents and if you ever owned an old photo that may be getting old and destroyed, you can scan it and have it printed again. So the possibilities are endless and your not stuck to paper scanning with this device. You really can enjoy it for work, home projects, or just even saving memories, which I tend to do alot with old photos.

SD Card needed to be inserted to use

Ready For scanning

Light comes on when scanning as you glide across
 the image or item. Once the wheels stop moving, the scanning stops.

Image comes up in color and exact as written

Terrific Scanner! Hoping they will come out with colored versions, but the black is just fine!

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