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Syllable G600 Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Headphone Earphone Deep Bass Built-in Mic / 40mm Speaker

If your looking for a great Bluetooth Headset without the wires, discomfort around the ears and something you can talk through, than this is a wonderful product to take a look at!  I myself can't believe how well the Syllable G600 fits around my ears and I don't feel like they crush them or squeeze them in so much discomfort like most headsets.

Left earphone  
Right headphone

The battery also lasts so much longer than most Headsets, which is great for many who don't like to recharge after 4 hours or less. You have a full 12 hours of listening to music before going

to recharge the device. However, you can connect the Audio Cables to your old stereo or which ever device your using and still continue to play your music without losing the sound. So really no matter what you use this with, even if it isn't Bluetooth the product sends you pure, crystal clear sound from the way it is coming out of your device.

Red light on indicates charging, when plugged into the USB Port!

A few things that I love:

  • Size- very comfortable to wear and lay back in. Also, stays well on your head without falling off while moving around.
  • Design- unique and different than many with the square ends and bold colors of the black with red or pure white with red. I have the white and red, which are beautiful!
  • Use- Easy to setup with many different systems and the buttons on the side help from choosing music and receiving calls. Makes it easier to control everything than just from the main device. Plus, long lasting battery that doesn't need to be recharged so fast.
  • Sound - Plays very clear, and volume can be adjusted easily on the headset as well as taking calls.

I think for a high quality product, with a sleek design, and comfort for your ears and use of the product, than a Syllable is perfect! I myself, would take in account for the price they offer on this headphone verse others, you're really getting a bargain. 

I really can now play music, videos or whatever I want through these headphones and not once have to get up to change volume or switch between songs. I even can now use them to take calls from my phone, so no need to take them off to speak.

It really is an awesome headset, and what I love most is that it's easy to pair with your device and even able to use with some older devices as well.

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