Friday, January 30

Skiva USB Apple and Micro Power Cords

The length is perfect for near by use, 3.2 feet. I can easily get a faster charge with my device running than with it's traditional cord, but also while playing multiple items in the background. There will be no issues of me ruining the cord easily because of the flatness of the cable. 

Plus, it's flexible and after a few tugs, I'm not going to be running to the store for another one! I tend to forget I'm connected to an USB outlet and pull my device along with the cord. So this actually after the many times I've pulled or bent my cord, it still bounces back without a tear or any problems charging. 

I just love that your getting a faster charge, a long lasting cord even perfect for kids and it works for old Smart Phones as well as new.

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Multiple Apple devices are able to be charged up by this Apple Certified cord. I have older versions of iPod touches and the wires are a bit out of shape.
However, this product charges both my 2nd and 4th up really well, actually better! 

The speed of charging as increased verse a traditional wire and it's one cord, no need to buy a few for each old device I have. From iPad to iPhone, it works on anything.
Plus the cord is flat, no more damage of twisting it or bending it to break or ruin the wires inside. I am less likely to break this cord than a traditional one, which seems to happen very often with my devices.

Great speed and a wonderful cord to own!

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:

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