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Shear Miracle Organics Tuff'N Up Shampoo and Conditioner + Almond Butter Review

Shear Miracle Organics is a great company of pure organic and non toxic products. I have here is two of their hair products that work wonders together or separately. Also, the 
Almond/Lime Butter that will make your skin so healthy and smell great too!

The product is something I adore most because it isn't made of garbage chemicals or have horrible sulfates to dry the hair out. Instead, this is something even Vegans could enjoy.  No chemicals or toxins just pure honest to good shampoo. 

I think ever since I started using this product, my hair as been looking healthier and not so greasy or limp. Instead, I end up having my hair look like it's been done at a salon every day. I mean it's able to keep its shape when braiding or doing some fun design in my hair.

I don't think I ever seen so much LESS hair come out in my brush and it's something I do enjoy not seeing.

The product is something anyone can use, even your pet. I find it very useful if doing highlights or dying my hair that it keeps it stronger as well as preventing it to break off when using heating tools.

This is the first product that doesn't have chemicals and hasn't cause my hair to feel greasy or weighed down after use.  

Terrific product and I'm finding it to replace my other shampoos I use normally.

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Now this is a wonderful conditioner, my hair feels so soft after use! I think that it keeps my hair looking soft and not greasy like some others I've used in the past. Many times I would avoid

using any conditioner because it would weigh my hair down and make it so greasy so fast! I would need to wash it daily to keep it from looking that way.

However, once I started using this in replace of my old conditioners, I noticed a huge difference. My hair is soft, shiny and natural looking not like it's been soaked in oil. Also, it doesn't make it look dry as if I didn't use any type of lotion.

I am so far this product and the smell is wonderful, the quality and size is perfect, and like always a little will do a whole lot.

great product and awesome results!

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3. Almond Lime Body Butter

This is a nice thick body butter, which goes on smooth like cream. It has a lovely aroma, with a strong lime scent almost like key lime pie. It really smells like a tasty treat, in my opinion.

I notice how it makes the skin shimmer and glow naturally, when applied. It isn't so greasy or keeps your skin feeling like a thick layer was apple and nothing is absorbing into it. Instead,

I noticed it getting a fast soaking up into my skin and building like a barrier to keep the moisture and nutrients in, which is great during the winter weather months.

Nothing I've tried ever really worked to repair beneath the skin rather than just what the outer part looks like. However, Shear Mineral Organic's has really done a wonder on my skin and after continue use, right after I shower at night I apply, I notice a 

improvement in the way my skin looks and feels.

Really an awesome and wonderful product to own! Love the scent and the way it makes my skin feel day in and day out.

You can find out more about these products and others at there main site, below:

Tuff'N Up Hair Strengthening Pack

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