Saturday, January 3

SH&SH Hair brush - best detangling brush

The hair brush is such a beautiful product! The colors are very bright and I love the pink accent to the black brush as well as the other you can get is the pink with rim of black.

Love the colors!

I really enjoy the soft handle and how simple it is to pull through my hair.

Comfortable handle to grip and can place up on a hook!
Something I really love is when I can go through my hair and not have to fear it getting stuck or pulling my hair out! The pain it causes when using a traditional hair brush and damage, but with this brush I am able to get through my hair without shedding any extra strands or tears of pain. I love the way it makes my hair shine and it's a mirror as well as a brush. One side you can take a look at what your doing to your hair when on the go or just inside the house, but you get two amazing products in one. 

Mirror On Back Side

It's the best portable detangling brush I ever owned, well the first one I ever had!  I really love this brush, it goes now everyplace with me stored in my purse. 

Great product!

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Thank You

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