Monday, January 12

RinGuard Ring Size Adjuster

Many like myself suffer to find a ring that not only looks beautiful, but fits well too! However, sometimes we do and than we end up having the problem of it fitting, once we lose weight or it even gain weight.

Well for many cases of losing weight or just not being able to wear a special ring (maybe a family passed down ring), than the RinGuard Ring Size Adjuster is perfect. I actually have a mom who sells jewelry, she had many different real gemstone rings and for me the lover of all things sparkly, huge and glamours, I just couldn't put down these three rings. The two fitted fine, as for the third was just a bit too big and kept sliding off because of the extra gap.

I figure I'll keep it and maybe one day I can wear it, but even on my thumb it was just still too big and so far never been able to use it. I even tried to tie a piece of rubber band around it, but that just makes it look silly and doesn't really help.  However, when I tried adding the RinGuard Ring Size Adjuster I found that it gave me that much needed fit to keep it evenly on my finger, not one side too big or sliding off every time I point my finger.

The spiral based design really does go on easily, reminds me of a telephone cord how it coils.
Once you place the coiled clear RinGuard onto the ring, which there are three different sizes you than just slide your ring on like you would normally do with any ring. It's really easy and the clear backing of this product, is unnoticeable to anyone at standing distance to you because first it's on the bottom and second the clear design allows it to easily vanish once worn and reflect your finger through it. 

Plus to mention, the comfort is perfect! No horrible rubbing or tight pain when I try to flex my finger. Instead, it goes on easy and it feels like any ring I wear perfect fit without causing irritation, discomfort or extreme tight feeling when I move a certain way.

This would be the first set that I ever owned for Ring Size Adjusters and I must say that the 
RinGuard is a very useful and well made design. I am so glad to have chosen this as my first pick. 

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