Friday, January 16

Ribbon Shredder Kit by Ribbon Fair


The Ribbon Shredder Kit does come with everything you need to begin.

Kit Includes:

  • Ribbon Shredder and Curler = make perfect curls on the ends of bows. 
  • 8 Colors of Ribbon = different colors to use for your projects, no need to buy any to begin. Plus each kit is different so your colors may be different than pictured.
  • 6 Ritzy Rolls = add some fun flair to your projects and creations!
  • Idea Book: The best guide and book for creating wonderful designs!
  • Extra Instructions = an extra special ideas to use the Ribbon Shredder and fun creations the entire family could enjoy making.

I think for the kit it's a wonderful set of high quality thick wide ribbon, not that thin stuff you get for 1 dollar or more. Plus, the amount of each is enough for creating plenty of designs and bows. I also love that I got an extra piece in the kit, game piece. I probably can use this as well in creating some fun designs.

The extra instructions really do make things easier and fun. It has everything from shredding, curling and crafting ideas you can use with ribbon. I love that it even shows pictures, so your not only getting words, but a visual too!

However, the book is just as great! It provides photos in color, and plenty of visual and guided directions to help you start and create new ideas or classic bows. What makes this kit a perfect set for beginners like me, is that it is easy to follow. The directions are step by step and image by image, so it's not hard to create your first nested flower or just a simple fancy bow. 

I am so glad to have gotten this kit, verse just trying to figure out how to make fun ribbon designs with a shredder. I know many may only need to shred ribbon or curl it, but if you get this kit you can be DIY more often and making fun inspirational decorations and gifts for everyone!

The quality of the shredder is perfect and it includes everything! Plus it ships very fast.Wonderful kit for a beginner or even anyone who just wants more ideas and a new way to decorate their everyday items/gifts with ribbon.

Great job Ribbon Fair, terrific Kit!

You can find out more on and they also include some instructional videos to help you create the best ribbon decorations. 

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