Wednesday, January 21

Rephael Magic Puzzle Cube

As a child, my favorite puzzle to play with that didn't need batteries or electricity was the Rubics Cube. Now they have so many versions which are more challenging and battery operated. However, if your looking for a good classic puzzle cube that doesn't require anything, except for you, the cube and your brain, than the Rephael Magic Puzzle Cube is perfect!

I have to point out, my favorite part is that there isn't any of that sticker stuff that is all over the cube. Many cheap versions I owned, miniature in size seem to just get messy with those sticks of color. It would get caught in the cube, while twisting.
However, this brand is clear of any stickers or attachments. It is easy to move left right up down, and not have anything get caught. Also, it moves with ease! No more, tough turning or areas where it seems to get stuck. 

You would notice the colors are all different, and I love how bright they are. Just as seen in the photo, the cube is naturally those colors and no stickers, so it won't get damaged as the months and years pass.

I'm always interested in testing my brain power, and this is a simple one player game that can help you reach your goals.  

Magic Cube Positive Features:

  • light weight - east to hold and carry.
  • No stickers - no aging damage or peeling off and getting caught in the cube.
  • Bright Colors - attractive to make you want to figure it out.
  • Brain Growth - allows your brain to work out and expand. 
  • Long lasting - high quality cube, not cheap or made to last for a few uses!

All I can say is that this is the first Cube I loved out of the many I had in the past. Great product!

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