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RAVPower Xtreme Capacity 18200mAh 3-Port 4.9A Compact External Battery Charger with iSmart Technology Flashlight

I think for the most part the RAVPower Xtreme Capacity External Battery is something everyone who owns a tablet, a smart phone or both should own! 
Not only does it save you time charging because of the iSmart charging ports, which speed the ability to charge your device than any traditional USB Port of an external battery, but like all external batteries it becomes your in case of emergency device as well.

I could see this as just an everyday charger on the go or even at home, but when your in times of a power out from a storm or stuck with a flat tire on the side of the road, this could keep your protected by not letting your devices/phones die. So you can always call out for
help and never have to be stuck out in the cold  or for those to keep the family entertained when there is no electric.
Flashlight included!

After a few tests with my old smart phone (venture virgin mobile), and my old tablet I could see my phone and tablet charged so much faster! However, I'm comparing it to the wire they normally comes with the phone or tablet. So from it's normal charging cord, the RAVPower Xtreme has improved charging speed while my device is on and other things are being played on in the background. Since I'm always doing multiple things on my phone and tablets at the same time, it can seem to drain my battery fast. However, the Xtreme Charger seems to prevent the battery from becoming drained. 

For speed, size, and the additional LCD status screen plus flashlight I think this is something for emergencies and one who needs to boost the time it takes to charge with an original cord.  It really will get you back to playing on your device in half the time it takes to use a traditional cord, plus when there is no electricity it will keep you charged no matter what!

Terrific product! 

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