Tuesday, January 27

Putee Silicone Coin Purse and Embosser Tool

The Putee Silicone Macarons Shape Coin Purse is a lovely treat! The shape is of course, that of a macaroon, but what makes it a perfect change purse is that I can fit all my coins from pennies to half dollars and so on! The size is a perfect adult size palm  or close fist. It really can hold 
a great deal amount of change and still some cash, folded in half of course!

However, it's silicone style makes it easy to clean and keeps the change from ever sticking or becoming hard to take out, when paying for something. Also, no way it will get drenched and ruin anything inside, because the silicone makes it waterproof.

I really love this product! It's truly beautiful and fashionable for adults and children.

Great design and great product!

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These letters fit perfectly into the bar which you just simply slide them in from the side.
I can make so many words and even add numbers, maybe for a special occasion or New Years add 2015 to each cookie for a party celebration.

The product is very easy to use and so fun to make embossed words and numbers on delicious treats and meals. I find that I can even use these with ease in crafting.
Now my clay or molds can have embossed words or sayings, like LOVE on a heart shape clay piece can be a great gift for Valentines.

So many things can be done with this Alphabet and Number Tool by Putee. Love it!

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:

Thank You

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