Friday, January 2, 2015

Original CreaLash - Apply Makeup with ease!

The CreaLash is something everyone who starts out using makeup and who use it everyday should own! I mean it's obvious some of us get mascara all over not always straight on or eye shadow in the wrong spot. However, with the CreaLash your protected by any mistake and given a chance to be 100% perfect every time, when applying.

These CreaLash shapes are the right angle for the eye and can be used multiple times, not just once! The color, a favorite of mine is purple and a silver back side. They're also smooth and stays put on to the face while you add makeup to your eyes.

I find that these really are helpful, everyday or whenever I'm using makeup. There is nothing like having the job be so much easier and if your hands are shaky or your a beginner, than having a helpful product like this really is wonderful!

Can really fit the eyes on top and bottom for guarding makeup getting all over!

Great product by CreaProducts!

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