Sunday, January 25

Occhio Beauty Eyelash Curler and Bonus Tweezer and Mirror Set

You will love this Eyelash Curler and Bonus Set, as much as I do! It's a entire set of one beautiful black and pink eyelash curler, which has a nice soft grip and doesn't pinch the lashes and a beautiful design pair of tweezers and a lovely mirror.

 A magnetic mirror keeps the tweezers together better.

Its perfect to take on the go and just a fashionable set! I love it and think its perfect for taking out those hard to get hairs, or to give your eyelashes the lift they need!

Mainly, if your looking for no pain, while curling your lashes or an inexpensive way to pick up a pair of good tweezers and an eyelash curler, than this is the set to get! 

Not only does it look great, but they work like they should, no dull tweezers or painful curler in this set.

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