Thursday, January 29

Mpow Wall Charger Adapter and Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

 I love the orange, very easy to find and not the traditional black color headset. The sound plays very clear and is easy to fit these into your ears.

Everything you need is included, easy to pair and plays crystal clear sound.  I think the major thing for me is pairing, but this is as easy as turning on and searching on your device.
They are very simple and makes taking them out and getting ready to work out or for anyreason easier to do.

Great product, nice quality!

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The 4-Port allows for multiple charging, while the MPow adapter is easy to use in the house and out at a hotel or another building. It really travels well!

I can easily stick it in my bag and go on my way. It works, for phones, tablets, and so much more. All our devices are now equal when it comes to USB Port size and if your product, like phone or tablet charges on USB Cord, than this is perfect for you and the rest of the family. 

I am so happy to have tried something like this, the design itself is lovely and slim enough to keep out of the way once plugged in. It doesn't take up much space or block the other outlet in the wall. Plus, won't overcharge or cause damage to any of your devices and is considered to have a great speed for charging your devices fast. That I do agree, the charger does get my phone and tablet up and running faster than the power cord they came with.

A wonderful charger buddy to own!

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