Saturday, January 3

Mineral Makeup By Giselle Baby Doll Mint 8 Stack Eyeshadow

The Minereal Eyeshadow is beautiful collection of colors for a cool and vibrant look!
You can wear one or blend two together and create a wonderful look. 

I love adding some dazzle to my eyes and this is just a gorgeous collection for colors. You get
green, blue, pink and white and a few other beautiful colors to use. Each of them are packaged in their own container, but come stackable (one on top of another), and when I read you can actually take the color, dip it in clear nail polish and apply to your nails for a new polish, sounds so awesome!

However, the fun don't stop there! You can added to your lips as well, which the pink adds a vibrant look to my lips!

I really love each color and all the different looks and ways I can mix it up!  Great collection and so much better for the skin.

Mineral Makeup is just fabulous!

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