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Makeup Brushes Set By Boutiquaire Is a Professional 11-piece Natural Goat Hair Cosmetic Brush Kit with Durable Black Organizer Case in Reusable High Quality Gift Box

First, having a good brush set is everything when apply makeup. I find that natural bristle brushes do well applying makeup verse cheap brands that end up falling apart after a few uses.
So to have a chance to use a brush set like the Boutiquaire brand, which normally retails over 100 dollars is just wonderful! 

Lovely gift box that holds the brushes in.

The carry case is perfect as well! It holds each brush in the upright position so that the bristles have enough space from being squeezed together and dis formed. Also, if you look at the quality of the bag alone is just marvelous! It isn't your cheap dollar store bag or even 10 dollar bag. It actually has a strong durable side to it and the slots are perfectly sized for each brush to fit right back in, without difficulty. 

The set is just beautiful and once it arrives you get a lovely box, could make the perfect gift just as it is to anyone's door!

I really love this brand and for the price, you will be amazed by the quality and beauty of this product! You could spend the same price for a Kabuki Brush, but if you can have the same quality for all these brushes and get a reusable case, than I can see no reason not to pass this up!

Wonderful product!

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