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Magicfly Electrical Foot Callus Remover & Epilator & Lady Shaver 3 in 1

The Magicfly Electrical 3 in 1 is a wonderful product for your entire body, not just your unwanted hair! I love that I can remove that horribly dry callus skin I get on my foot when working out. I tend to get them right on the top near my big toe, but sometimes my heels tend to get calluses and dry as well. If having calluses weren't bad enough, I also tend to hate having to shave often and this Magicfly 3 in 1 is like a wonderful product for pulling out those strands of hair on your legs, arms, and just any place on the body! 

So really your getting not one, not two, but a three in one product! The third part is that it can be used as a normal shaver. So maybe you accidentally forgot to shave that morning and need a quick way to remove that hair, which I happen to do often. This does it super quick. It actually reminds me of my regular electric shaver, but it does more than just shave.

Epilator Attachment and Device

I think if I bought this earlier, I would of avoided separate buying anything to remove calluses and an electric shaver. So I would of payed so much less, and got the same results plus an Epilator, which helps keep your legs hairless longer. 

Shaver Attachment

Many hear so much about Epilators being horribly scary or painful! I always heard that about my Aunt. However, it really isn't that bad at all. I mean if you know how tweezing feels, than it's nothing different the only difference is it's taking out multiple hairs at the same time. However, because of the fast pulls you really don't notice that much pain that you get with tweezing because it's going so fast across the skin and you don't have time to realize any pain. 

Callus Remover Attachement

I doubt you would really feel much of any pain because if your use to normal shaving or plucking, than it shouldn't bother you. Plus, no more nicks or cuts on the legs or arms. For me, I am use to shaving and plucking and don't really feel that much pain using the product. Plus, it mentions to be made for REDUCING any pain that a normal Epilator would give you.

I really do enjoy this product. My feet are smooth day in and day out, I don't have to shave as often and if I ever need a quick touch up shave I can turn this on and instantly get rid of those hairs fast!

Wonderful Device for a 3 in 1!

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