Wednesday, January 14

Kerro Outlets Jewelry Kit Review

This is a wonderful kit for beginners in jewelry making or even those who already know much about creating beautiful pieces. I think no matter who you are this kit has it all!
You can use the tools to place/set a gem or stone into a ring, your able to even use to form wire loops with the pliers, or even cut wire. 

I find that it really does help to have a kit to begin with any hobby, and for jewelry crafting this really comes in handy!  Like my mom who bought all her things separate, this kit has
all the tools I need in half or even less than half the cost she spent on everything separate at the craft store.

You get 8 different tools, from the 3 types of pliers to cut and create shapes with the wire, you also have the 2 different size tweezers, thread clippers, hook and thimble all included in this black bag.

also the bonus silver polishing cloth is perfect for cleaning jewelry off and keeping it shiny! So with just the kit it was just perfect, but the shining cloth I could always use because I LOVE JEWELRY and always have silver to clean. So really I can't see anything wrong or bad about this kit, it does what I need it too just at a wonderful price and all high quality materials.

Terrific set for anyone starting out or ready to replace their older tools.

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