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Jagua Tattoo Kit by Henna City

Henna City is wonderful place for buying Henna brand products and this brand known as Jagua is similar results with a darker color product.Henna is naturally brown when it dries, so Jagua is a blacker color.
Comes with two, enough to do 15 designs

I love that there is no need to mix this product up, instead it's ready to use and safe! One reason why I love Henna it's safe on your skin and a natural ingredient.

So to use a product similar called Jagua, which is naturl fruit extracts and creates the darker black and bluish tattoo, not brown.
Included  4 interchangeable metal tips for for applying on skin.

I use to own a Henna kit, after falling in love with the results of the tattoo I got at the Board Walk one summer. However, the results were wonderful for lasting 2 weeks and easy to learn.

I actually remembered the instructions by the lady who gave me my first bracelet dragon tattoo in Henna. 
Stencils to choose form

So using this was a piece of cake. You just start by putting the tip you want to use on with the jagua juice, which they mention don't include henna cause it's a totally different ingredient, but same results in different color(black/blue) After, all set up you just begin squeezing lightly to push out the Jagua and make your design or if easier use a stencil.  It's really simple, but a big thing that you have to do like Henna is let it dry and once it becomes hard and crusty, you can either let it fall off naturally or remove it yourself( faster way). Now the design is stained onto your skin and there for 2 weeks or longer. Sometimes you can go as close to 3-4 because it will slowly fade and if your not washing that part of your body as often like you do your hands it will last a lot longer. 

However, either Henna or Jagua( First time ever owning and using) I really do enjoy the results and the realistic tattoos that come along with use. It lasts longer than marker tattoos and is so much more professional and realsitc as well!

Great product, and a wonderful set, which can be resused and just get some more Jagua and go tattoo crazy.

By the way, you can even do it for parties and tattoo the entire family and your friends.

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